Frequently asked questions

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Q: What is required to use the service?

A: You will need an Android device (running Android 4.4 or higher) with a camera (flash recommended) with internet access.

Q: How much does training to use the service cost?

A: You don’t need training, it is an easy to use app!

Q: Can anyone else see my data?

A: No, your data is private and requires your login credentials to access.

Q: Can I view my data?

A: Yes, just go to the Control Panel on this website or in the app go to Cloud Data in the menu.

Q: Can I save and export my grinding logs.

A: Yes, on both the website and app, you can downlaod data and attach it to an email.

Q: I don’t have an Android device, how much does it cost?

A: A quality device with a case and screen protector costs less than one hundred dollars, there are even $40 Android devices that have performed well in testing.

Q: Can several people use one subscription.

A: Yes, that is a great way to use the app. But, each store must have its own subscription.

Q: How do I scan a barcode?

A: Press the Scan button on the app and get close enough to the barcode that it almost fills the view. When you see a rectangle highlighting the barcode, touch the screen to capture it.

Q: How do I pay?

A: On the Account page of this website, click on Buy Subscription.

Q: What is the Referral Program?

A: Current subscribers can receive up to one year of free services for recommending YemData to new users. New, paid, subscribers are asked who referred them to YemData.