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Version 1.20 is even better!

Version 1.20 includes bug fixes, performance improvements and security enhancements.  Even better, the subscription price is just $199 per year!

Check out YemData Grind Log (Android app) on Google Play and get compliant with USDA record keeping for retailers that grind raw beef.

Version 1.15 is now available

A new version addresses a bug with the latest update to the Android OS.  Get the update at

A simple solution for Retailers that Grind Raw Beef


USDA raw beef grind log rule begins October 1.

Download YemData Grinding Log here!



Stop worrying about a solution and get it done!

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YemData LLC releases electronic beef grinding log app


By Yale Leiden

August 8, 2016


YemData Grinding Log is an Android app that was developed to help users to comply with the new rule from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, Records To Be Kept by Official Establishments and Retail Stores That Grind Raw Beef Products.


Grinding Log simplifies the record keeping process, adding date and time, and by scanning data from GS1-128 barcodes on product boxes to capture:


  • supplier and name of the supplied materials (GTIN)
  • supplier lot number (Batch/Lot or Serial Number)
  • production date (PROD DATE)


The user enters:

  • Establishment Number,
  • pounds of material used and
  • optional comments.


Additionally, the user can easily record the date and time when grinding equipment and other related food-contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized.


The app uses the popular Android operating system and suitable devices are inexpensive, less than $100.  Data is easily accessible and securely stored in the ‘cloud’ so users can access their data whenever they need it.  YemData Grinding Log comes with a free, no-obligation 30-day trial subscription.  Paid subscriptions cost $225 for 6-months or $399 for 12-months.